No one is able to completely prepare for the potential damage and loss of life left in the wake of a storm like Typhoon Haiyan that stripped the Philippines. Who is adequate to respond to such devastation, destruction, danger, disease and death? Still, there are those men and women whom God has gifted and created with the ability and the desire to heed the call in just such a situation. The Call rings out and they quickly step forward.

Baptist Global Response is on the front lines. Specialized teams called RAT (Rapid Assistance Teams) are created to enter the disaster zone to formulate a plan to care for the immediate survival needs of the people in devastation. Two Missouri Baptists have been asked to join this first team leaving today for the Philippines. Dwain Carter, MBC Disaster Relief Strategist and Mike Beasley, MBC Disaster Relief Trainer readily volunteered when asked to join this Team.

Once these two men return, it is our hope that God has stirred the hearts of others to step forward in this crucial time of need. How can a person step forward? Allow me to give 3 crucial steps that are needed.

Prayer Warriors are Needed.

Forgetfulness plagues each of us. We begin well, but business pushes aside great intentions to be intercessors. Casualties, loss of home, jobs, resources and most of all HOPE, leaves the people of the Philippines vulnerable to the attack of our spiritual enemy who is roaming like a roaring lion seeking to devour. Sleep escaped me most of the night as I spent time praying for those who have lost nearly everything life has to offer, including family. Broken hearts make great prayer warriors. As God to give you a broken heart for the peoples of the Philippines.

Workers entering the Philippines to serve the people are vulnerable as well. Devastation and hopelessness can easily overwhelm each of them. We must pray for them as they serve. Secondly, we must pray fervently for their families as they remain behind here in the states celebrating the blessings of their lives. Satan will not stand by and allow these families to escape his fiery darts. His attack may be subtle, but it will be there. Returning home, each servant will face reentry into what we call normalcy when their emotions are depleted and their spirit senses so much hopelessness for the peoples of the Philippines. Their families and friends here will not understand because they have not experienced what these brave men and women have seen with their yes and heard with their ears. We must continue in prayer.

Financial Provisions are Needed:

Qualified volunteer agencies abound when responding to such devastation as seen in the Philippines. How a person prayerfully gives is between him and the Lord. Stewardship is a matter of asking God how He wants each of us to give as well as how much He wants us to give individually.

Our Missouri Baptist Convention Disaster Relief is one of those volunteer agencies responding as we have been requested to serve. Perhaps the Lord Jesus would stir your heart to give through your MBC DR Victim Relief fund. Should the Lord lead you to give in that way, feel free to make your check out to the MBC Disaster Relief with the words “DR Victim Relief – Philippines” in the memo line. If you choose to give on-line, please use the following web address:

Participation will be Needed:

Opportunity for responding as volunteers will last a long time to a disaster of this magnitude. Dwain and Mike return the week of Thanksgiving. Plans will begin to take form for volunteer teams beginning in early December. Please be patient. Should you sense the leading of the Spirit to be a part of a future team, please contact your Missouri Baptist Convention Disaster Relief office for further details.




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