Pastor Fred Broome, Faith Baptist Church Washington, MO

How Faith Got Involved in the Partnership with Puebla, MX

During the Missouri Baptist Convention of 2012, Fred Broome, pastor of Faith Baptist Church of Washington, participated in the missions partnership luncheon. At this luncheon, Sergio Rebollar, the president of the Puebla/Tlaxcala Convention, spoke to the pastors and challenged them to engage in the effort to reach the people of Puebla, Mexico.

At the end of his challenge to the pastors, Rebollar concluded with these remarks, “When my brothers in Puebla hear that Missouri Baptists have partnered together with them, they will be excited. And they will be expecting you.” Pastor Broome recounts that moment as the moment God began to speak to him about partnering with Puebla.

Over the next several months, Dr. Rick Hedger from Missouri and Sergio Rebollar of Puebla worked together to connect Faith Baptist Church with a church in Atlixco, MX. Rebollar and Hedger saw great potential in The First Baptist Church of Atlixco and its pastor, Mario Ramirez.

The Vision Trip to Atlixco, MX

On September 10, 2013, Pastor Fred Broome along with four others from Faith Baptist Church traveled to Atlixco, MX, just outside of Puebla. “The primary task of this trip was to discover how God would connect us with a church in Atlixco. We wanted to get to know the people and the pastor and see if God would give us a heart for Atlixco,” says Pastor Broome.

Not long after arriving, God did exactly that. He joined the hearts of Pastor Broome and Pastor Ramirez quickly. There was an immediate connection between the members of Faith and the members of The First Baptist Church, Atlixco.

Each morning, the team would go and meet in the homes of the members of Ramirez’s church. These were evangelistic meetings already coordinated by the people in Atlixco. They had invited their friends and family members to gather in their homes to hear the gospel presented. Upon hearing the gospel, 22 people gave their lives to Christ during the week.

In the afternoons and evenings, Pastor Broome and his team led meetings at the church and taught on different Biblical topics.

According to Pastor Broome, “After spending one week in Atlixco, MX, there was no doubt that God had woven our hearts together with the people. We grew to love them and our team still contacts them today via Facebook and email. I am delighted that we not only made a great missions partner, but true friends and co-laborers for Christ.”

What Encouragement Would Faith Baptist Church Give To Pastors of MBC?

If you are considering a potential international missions partner, we strongly encourage you to connect with Dr. Hedger about the Puebla partnership. This partnership will not only accomplish the Great Commission, but will help build the people of your church as well. You might be thinking that your church is too small to go. At Faith, we have approximately 170 each Sunday morning. After sharing about our trip, 30 of our people have expressed interest to go in 2014. Our church sees great value in being a vital part of living out Jesus’ command to go and make disciples of all the nations. In the power and prompting of the Holy Spirit, you can partner with Puebla. You will not regret this investment in the Kingdom.

What Type of Environment Can You Expect?

While there is much concern about safety in Mexico, the Puebla area is a safe place for Missouri churches. The people are surprisingly lovely and they are so gracious and hospitable. Around each corner there is something new. The scenery is beautiful. The farmlands and fruit trees are abounding.

A Description of the Team That Went from Missouri

Of the five people from Faith Baptist Church in Washington, MO, two were deacons. Richard Price, 72, and Paul Phiropoulos, 72, both felt compelled to go on the vision trip. Neither man had been out of the country before. Kelly Murphy, ministry assistant at Faith, joined the team. Kelly had never been out of the country on mission. Natasha Murphy, daughter of Kelly, had been served with Hands On in Oaxaca, MX since February.

The team would encourage other churches to get involved. Our team had the typical fears related to international missions. Could we afford to go? Could we communicate? Could we have an impact? They would answer these questions by simply stating that God will provide. If God is leading you to go, He will provide all your needs in His perfect timing.



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