“You are the light of the world; a city set on a hill cannot be hidden” (Matthew 5).  One believer within a family of generational lostness does have the potential to alter the future of the entire family network.

The setting was somewhat remote, a simple lean-to style building, no windows, and no doors – open air.  It contained two tables, one used for cooking on a small coal burner, the other used for storage of their sparse food items. A bed with few linens along with a hanging rope-cradle holding a sleeping child was to the right, other goods needed for an entire multi-generational family to survive were scattered along the walls and stored in the concrete block wall.  This family was organized, their systems in place for daily survival, a reflection of the vast majority of homes found among the people of Puebal-Tlaxcala, Mexico.

September 14 was a dark and rainy day in Puebla, yet this simple setting transformed into a place of worship as an entire Mexican family heard the story of Creation to the Church for the first time.   Dr. Rick Hedger, along with a small team of volunteers from Faith Baptist Church in Washington, Missouri, were  invited to visit this humble home by a young family member, “Fred” (name changed for security purposes).   Fred had traveled to the United States earlier in an attempt to find work and provide for his family.  He found work, but so much, more as a gathering of Believers in the States embraced him, introduced him to Christ and discipled him.  Fred returned to Puebla with a great burden for his family to also be set free from generational bondages.

Though the conditions of the day would be considered miserable by most standards as the team of volunteers and Mexican family huddled in the humble setting, the anticipation of telling and hearing “Good News” was evident.   “They were ready, for years Fred had wept in prayer over the lostness of his family and diligently lived the Gospel in front of them even under persecution.  They had witnessed how real the change was in his life.  I simply had to tell them the rest of the story!” states Hedger who serves as MBC Partnership Missions Strategist.   “They Gospel really IS good news to those who have never heard!  One by one around the room, you could see the coldness of empty religious works begin to unravel and the light of the Gospel begin to make sense to them.  They gladly received Christ and rejoiced with the relief the Gospel brings!  It was an incredible morning, with many levels of investment from the Bride of Christ before this entire family embraced Him.  The Church that first engaged Fred with the Gospel began a process that our Team was able to see come to fruition.  I wish I could thank them personally and share with them the rest of the story!”

“The Team from Faith B.C. in Washington were fabulous missionaries. They navigated cross-cultural communication of the Gospel to non-believers flawlessly and ministered to members of their  partnership church in countless ways.  I am so thankful for the leadership of Pastor Fred Broome and the obedience of Faith Baptist. Atlaxico needs this  partnership, they are ripe for the Gospel.”

For more information on how your church can partner with a congregation in Puebla-Tlaxcala Mexico for Evangelism, Church Strengthening and Church Planting, please contact:  rhedger@mobaptist.org or call  573-680-2085.



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