Pastor Fred Broome courageously lead his team of five, with two having never been out of the United States previously, on mission from Faith Baptist in Washington, MO to Atlixco, Puebla, Mexico for the purpose of establishing a partnership with the First Baptist Church of the River of Living Water. Atlixco boasts of a population of 120,000 for the city proper with a metro area of 180,000 and upwards. Pastor Mario Ramirez said that his congregation was the only Puebla/Tlaxcala Regional Baptist Convention Church in the city.

Fred and his team participated in prayer walks through the city, conferences at the church in the evenings and scheduled home visits to share the gospel with family and friends of the church members. 22 new believers are in the Family of God as a result of those visits.

The official partnership was established in worship at the church in Atlixco Sunday, September 15 with Fred and Mario signing on behalf of their respective churches. I can still feel the rawness of emotion as I approached Pastor Fred before the service began. He and his team had already spent the entire week and where greatly overwhelmed with emotion by the great loving response toward them from the people of the church and community. He was staring into the heavens. I asked him if there were something I could do for him. He caught his composure and said “I don’t want to go home yet., pray for me.”

God works that way in our hearts as much as He works in the hearts of the people where He takes us to Advance His Gospel. I love seeing God at work in the loves of peoples all over the world, but especially in the lives of Missouri Baptists on Missions with Him.



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    excited about the journey ahead for Faith Washington.


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