God is doing great things for SEND KC! I recently had the privilege to participate in a vision tour for SEND KC. I met many church planters who have great hearts and great vision for starting new churches in the area. Many of them need partners just like you and me. They need prayer partners. They need project partners. They need provision partners.

PRAYER PARTNERS are individuals and churches who will covenant with the church planter to pray regularly for him and the work of the church plant. I believe strongly in prayer partners. As I have read and heard many times, “prayer is not what we do until we work, prayer is the work.” As a church planter communicates the prayer needs with you, it is time to get in the trenches on our knees battling the spiritual warfare that surrounds the start of a new church. I am never surprised when spiritual warfare breaks out against the start of a new church. The church is there to remove darkness and let the light of Christ so shine that the people will see the good work and glorify God. Our enemy will not sit by quietly and let his domain be taken for the Kingdom of God. Be prepared! Be on your face in prayer for the church planter, his family, his core team, the location, the people they will be impacting with the Gospel, the place where they will be meeting and any number of other things the Lord brings to your mind. Communicate back to the church planter what the Lord has spoken in your heart. As a Prayer Partner, you are as much a part of the planting team as if you were on the ground beside them. There is no distance in prayer.

PROJECT PARTNERS are those churches and individuals who respond to a need the church planter has communicated. Project Partners are not one time responders to the need at the moment, but individuals and churches willing to covenant with the church planter to respond often to projects the church planter will do to engage the culture and community they plan on seeing transformed with the Gospel. they may do door to door survey work, block parties, service projects, etc…but they commit to serve under the authority of the church planter. Every church planter needs Project Partners. Some of the best Project Partners have served as Prayer Partners and are vested in the church plant.

PROVISION PARTNERS are individuals or churches who have been praying and participating with the church planter to see the new church flourish. These individuals have prayed for the needs. They are the most likely to invest in the start of the new church. Too often provision partners are sought without their ever having been vested in the new work. Money is money. It meets the needs. But our church planters need desperately to know that those who give are far more committed to them than simply giving of money. All the money is God’s and He can easily provide that which is needed when the plan is His.

Whether your partnership is through prayer, participation in a project or providing funds for the work of the new church, please ask God how He would have you get involved in reaching our cities like KC and St. Louis. They are both SEND Cities. May the Lord bless you as you seek His face for your partnership.



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