Some may wonder about the full meaning of the heading on this Blog. Awaken Sent – Partnership Missions is something that has burned upon my heart for several years. There is actually a two-fold meaning in my choosing this slogan. The first deals with the fact that every morning when I awake, I am already sent by the King of Kings and Lord of Lords into a world that He so desperately loves. I am on mission every day of my life. I am sent as His ambassador to live a missional life every moment of every day. The ESV translation records in Psalm 139:16 that every day I would live was “prepared” for me when at the time none of them were in existence. So, I Awaken Sent into a day He has prepared for me.

Secondly, and not less important, I need to be awakened by the Spirit of God to the reality that I have been sent to be His messenger. We all are sent. Sometimes we simply need to be jolted occasionally to the basic calling from Jesus. He told his disciples that just as the Father had sent him, so he was sending his disciples…into the world. Some are sent to remain in a specific location for many years as an ambassador to a specific people. Others are sent to go and come…repeatedly during their lives. But all of us are sent. Assignments may differ from person to person, but we are all sent. We need to be awakened to the fact that we have been sent.



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  1. 4 years ago by Mike Parry

    Thanks for this blog site! Looks wonderful!

  2. 4 years ago by Ernie Cecil

    I couldn’t read after the comment: “We are trimming what we give through the C.P. in order to do our own missions programs”. A sad statement. In the 80’s I asked the church to add 1% for what we called local missions. It was in addition to our 10% to the Co-op & our 3% to the association. We could use it as mission projects opened up for us. When I came back to MO, I did the same thing here. 2% added to the budget for local missions. Just trust the Lord He’ll provide.


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