Time is drawing close for those who desire to participate in our next Up State New York Vision trip scheduled for September 30-October 4. The need is great! Sean Pierce tells how 25% of the population of the United States of America lives in the Northeast states. This includes our partnership region. The region is less than 2% reached.

Sean Pierce 4

Sean is Director of Missions for the Hudson Baptist Association. There are 28 churches in this region waiting for Missouri Baptist partners to come and do two things. First, the one area of Church Strengthening that Sean mentioned is to assist their churches in developing and focusing a complete and balanced Acts 1:8 Missional Strategy. Secondly, the Hudson Baptist Association desires to plant 30 churches by 2020 and Missouri Baptist Convention partners can assist them in reaching for this goal.

Philippians 4:12-16 lays out the attitude and commitment of the Apostle Paul. There were many things in his past. Some were good and some were bad. He could have focused on either and did nothing else. Instead he chose to forget about what had already been done and chose rather to reach forward and press toward the goal.

Missouri Baptists, we have a goal set before us from Sean Pierce and the Hudson Baptist Association. Who will forget the past, reach forward and press for that goal with them?

You will fly from Missouri to Albany, NY. You will be picked up at the airport by myself and taken to where we will stay in the Mid-America Theological Seminary Apartment Housing. Sean will be our guide for three days of vision casting and debrief us on the fourth day prior to getting back on the plane and flying home. The trip is a Monday – Friday. The cost will be approximately $600-$700 depending upon airfare.

Contact the Missouri Baptist Convention Partnership Missions office and talk to either Linda Stockton (Ministry Assistant) or Rick Hedger (Partnership Missions Strategist).Call: 573-636-0400 ext. 316 or email or to make your reservation.



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