No, that is not a typographical error. Jim Gunther once served as pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Hudson Baptist Association, New York. While serving there, the Lord impressed upon their hearts to start a new church in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. That is what they did and Jeff Black was called to be the pastor of that church.Lee Massachusetts church plant

As time advanced, the Lord moved upon Jim’s heart that he and his wife were to go to South America and serve as missionaries with our International Mission Board. While there, the Lord also moved upon the heart of Jeff Black and his church to begin a new work in Lee, Massachusetts. So, they did and the new work began to grow meeting only on Wednesday evenings.

That growth led Jeff and his church to determine that it was time to bring on a pastor for the new work. As Jeff prayed, his wife encouraged him to contact Jim Gunther to be the pastor of the new work. He was reluctant. His wife was persistent. He did contact Jim and the lord had already moved upon he and his wife’s heart to move back to the area.

Jim is now the pastor of this new church plant in Lee, Massachusetts. I guess one could say that he is now his own grandson. It sort of reminds me of that old song, “I’m my own grandpa”.

Jim could use a MBC church partner. Could your church be the one God is calling out to partner with Jim and his church plant. He already has connections in several of the surrounding communities that need churches planted in them. The fields are ripe. The workers are few.

Contact Rick at rhedger@mobaptist.org or call 573-636-0400 Ext 316



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