Far too many churches attempt to give and go to missions without really spending the time to grieve in prayer over that same mission outreach. Scripture guides the local church in establishing a missional prayer strategy that has the capability to transform communities near by and around the world. Below are 7 key ingredients in a Scriptural Missional Prayer Strategy.

  1. Pray for the Peoples of the World (Mark 11:17). Jesus quoted Isaiah 56:7 to declare a high priority for this in all of our places of worship.
  2. Pray for the Places where these Peoples live (1Tim. 2:1-4). Paul was greatly convinced that prayer for the location and leaders in those locations was key to seeing the saving power of God at work in any people.
  3. Pray for the Persons to be Sent (Mt. 9:37-38). Jesus spoke to his disciples when he talked about the workers being few and that they needed to pray to the Lord of the harvest so He would send out workers into His harvest.
  4. Pray for the Provisions to send those going (Phil. 4:10-20). God will always care for those he sends. Sometimes his servants need to be reminded clearly that stewardship does involve partnering with the missionary team in providing for their physical needs
  5. Pray for Persons of Peace to be discovered in each location (Mt. 10:P11-14). Someone always opens the door into a town or a home for the gospel to be shared. Persons of Peace are those individuals.
  6. Pray for Power to Proclaim the Word boldly (Eph. 6:19-20). As bold as the apostle Paul appeared to others, he still knew deep down that in the moment when he needed to be bold in his presentation of the gospel, he needed others praying for him.
  7. Pray for Pardon to be received (Acts 2:37-41). Salvation is the work of a Holy God who moves upon the hearts of men drawing them to his Son whom he sent into the world. As Peter declared the gospel message, it was God who opened their hearts to receive the message and follow through with their lives in commitment to him and his kingdom.

This is no way is an exhaustive list of how a church can develop a missional prayer strategy. But if a church does not have a missional prayer strategy, this one is better than none.




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