Josh Sklar

Just a couple weeks ago I had the huge privilege to meet Josh Sklar, Associate Pastor of church planting for All Nations Church in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. He has a great heart for church planting in Northern Ontario. All Nations Church has committed to planting 20 new churches in and around the region of Sudbury in Northern Ontario over the next six and a half years. This is a great open door for Missouri Baptists who have wanted to go to Northern Ontario, but did not know how to go since there were no churches with whom to partner.

Josh was telling me about a church planter working on an island just southwest of Sudbury in the town of Manitowaning. He has seen God open the door for 40 attending Bible Study and he is ready to start a church. But, he needs partners to assist him in reaching out to the population living around Manitowaning. Are you the partner God has stirred to assist in the start of this new work?

I can easily see 20 Missouri Baptist Churches partnering with All Nations Church in Sudbury, Ontario to make this vision a reality. Just think what God is getting ready to do in this vast land of Northern Ontario on behalf of His Kingdom for Him to lay upon their hearts to take the land for Christ. No matter how huge we can imagine, He is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all we ask or imagine according to His great power at work in YOU.

If your heart is stirred, contact Rick Hedger at rhedger@mobaptist.org or call 573-636-0400 ext 316. I will be glad to dream with you.



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