For a crop to grow a seed must be planted. It is amazing how simple and yet overlooked this truth is in our churches. Scripture is full of stories where seed is planted resulting in abundant harvest. Abundant harvests always begin with the planting of a single seed.

Nearly 30 years ago a seed was planted in the heart and thoughts of a young man. He had become a follower of Jesus at nearly 21 years of age. Shortly thereafter the prodding of the Spirit turned his heart to ministry. Rich soil in his heart was ideal for the planting of this seed.

What kind of seed was it? Somehow the seed of partnership missions was planted in his heart. Like leaven in a lump of flour, it began to grow. He heard about a special effort to start new churches in Iowa. His heart could no longer contain the seed. It burst through the surface for all to see.

Ten members of a local church banded together to form a mission team. They connected with two state conventions, a seminary couple serving for the summer in a town and what is now the North American Mission Board. Partnership burst into full bloom. Independence, Iowa had the Gospel and a church was started.

Certain tastes demand a second helping. Partnership Missions is one of those tastes. Plant the seed of partnership missions in the heart of someone else. Watch them taste the succulent flavor of full bloomed partnership missions and be spoiled for life.



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