Apostolic Church Planting

  J. D. Payne has a new book coming out in the near future. I am looking forward to getting my copy as soon as possible. As he shared the premise in his Post this morning on “Missiologically Thinking” my heart was greatly stirred. I believe the gift of the Apostle to the church was for the […]


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Going to Puebla was my first international experience aside from Canada, which we all know doesn’t really count. I’m not a great flyer so I knew coming in I would have anxiety regarding the flights at the very least. Post flight the muscles from my waist up are sore and my lips are extremely chapped because unlike […]


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Sean Pierce, Associational Director of Missions at the Hudson Baptist Association in Up State New York says some pastors move South for seminary training and end up staying South.

Others are called back here to plant churches in the Hudson Valley. That’s Brad Guenther.

After a season at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, NC, and with little thought of coming to Albany, that is exactly what happened. Immanuel Church in East Greenbush, NY is living proof.

Now, as that church plant looks toward it’s 10th anniversary, Guenther is Talking Albany.

Perhaps the Lord is stirring your heart to get involved personally, or to lead your MBC Church or Association in Partnering in the MBC / Hudson Baptist Association Partnership. If so, then Brad Guenther and Albany, NY is well worth your prayerful consideration.


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  (Video courtesy of CBN News)

The HIS (Heartland Interstate Strategy) emerged as State Executive Directors from Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska, North and South Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin, and Iowa began to dream about how we could advance the gospel to the west and in the far north, to the east and west. The dream became a vision to plant churches all along the Heartland Interstate. These churches would be strengthened so that they then would advance both east and west to be a sending center in the United States to get the Gospel to an area in great need.

Currently there is a team with representatives from all of the above mentioned State Conventions meeting, praying, dreaming and strategizing to place dots on a map of major cities. Each dot represents the need for a new church to be planted. Only as we work together will we see this dream realized. It is called cooperation. You can be an integral part in seeing this vision come to fruition. You can pray, give, send and go as individuals and churches. In the words of Dr. John Yeats, “We can do this!” Let’s do it together!


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Like helping our parents:

Recently I have been Working with some of our aging churches concerning their needs. Age has taken toll of their health and resources. They still have productive presence in their communities, but need assistance with ministry and sometimes resources to keep going. It reminded me of Jesus talking to the religious leaders about not taking care of […]


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Video created by Phillip Shuford, DOM of Tri-County Baptist Association


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No one is able to completely prepare for the potential damage and loss of life left in the wake of a storm like Typhoon Haiyan that stripped the Philippines. Who is adequate to respond to such devastation, destruction, danger, disease and death? Still, there are those men and women whom God has gifted and created with the […]


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